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TPD6S300RUKR Образ

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23940 PCS

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TPD6S300RUKR информация о продукте


1 Features

• 4-Channels of Short-to-VBUS Overvoltage Protection (CC1, CC2, SBU1, SBU2): 24-VDCTolerant

• 6-Channels of IEC 61000-4-2 ESD Protection (CC1, CC2, SBU1, SBU2, DP, DM)

• CC1, CC2 Overvoltage Protection FETs 600 mA Capable for passing VCONN power

• CC Dead Battery Resistors Integrated for handling dead battery use case in mobile devices

2 Applications

• Laptop PC

• Tablets

• Smartphones

• Monitors and TVs

• Docking Stations

3 Description

The TPD6S300 is a single chip USB Type-C port protection solution that provides 20-V Short-to-VBUS overvoltage and IEC ESD protection. Since the release of the USB Type-C connector, many products and accessories for USB Type-C have been released which do not meet the USB Type-C specification. One example of this is USB Type-C Power Delivery adaptors that only place 20 V on the VBUS line. Another concern for USB Type-C is the mechanical sliding of the connector shorting pins, due to the close proximity they have in this small connector. This can cause 20-V VBUS to be shorted to the CC and SBU pins. Also, due to the close proximity of the pins in the Type-C connector, there is a heightened concern that debris and moisture will cause the 20-V VBUS pin to be shorted to the CC and SBU pins.

These non-ideal equipments and mechanical events make it necessary for the CC and SBU pins to be 20- V tolerant, even though they only operate at 5 V or lower. The TPD6S300 enables the CC and SBU pins to be 20-V tolerant without interfering with normal operation by providing overvoltage protection on the CC and SBU pins. The device places high voltage FETs in series on the SBU and CC lines. When a voltage above the OVP threshold is detected on these lines, the high voltage switches are opened up, isolating the rest of the system from the high voltage condition present on the connector.

Finally, most systems require IEC 61000-4-2 system level ESD protection for their external pins. The TPD6S300 integrates IEC 61000-4-2 ESD protection for the CC1, CC2, SBU1, SBU2, DP, DM pins, removing the need to place high voltage TVS diodes externally on the connector.

Request a quote TPD6S300RUKR at censtry.com. All items are new and original with 365 days warranty! The excellent quality and guaranteed services of TPD6S300RUKR In Stock for Sale, Check stock quantity and pricing, view product specifications, and order contact us:sales@censtry.com
The price and lead time for TPD6S300RUKR depending on the quantity required, Please send your request to us, Our sales team will provide you price and delivery within 24 hours, We sincerely look forward to cooperating with you.

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  • ****n Jose Antolin Cua***** 2023-12-01

    Todo OK. He probado todas las piezas y funcionan correctamente.

  • ****sten J***** 2023-12-01

    Good Packaged - ESD Bag. Fast Delivery!

  • ****lippe Pe***** 2023-12-01

    We have done several deals with this company within the last years and parts are always in perfect condition with an high quality service. We hope to do more businesses in the future with them.

  • ****udia W***** 2023-11-30

    very good support as both customer and supplier, quick to pay and ship

  • ****thew Ed***** 2023-11-29

    Tim was very easy to work with. Great communication and excellent service. Look forward to doing more business with Tim and everyone at Censtry elec

  • **on Ba*** 2023-11-27

    Thanks for your support ,A++, Good supplier ! recommend !!

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