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Realtek Микросхемы TQFP48

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Realtek Микросхемы TQFP48

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    ALC662-GR datasheet

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Запас:20000 PCS

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ALC662-GR информация о продукте

2.1 Hardware Features 

Meets premium audio requirements for Microsoft WLP 3.10 (ALC662 and ALC662-VC series)

Meets stricter performance requirements for future WLP(ALC662-VC series)

Six-channel DAC supports 16/20/24-bit PCM format for 5.1 channel audio solution

Two stereo ADCs support 16/20-bit PCM format

All DACs support independent 44.1k/48k/96kHz sample rate

All ADCs support independent 44.1k/48k/96kHz sample rate

Supports 44.1k/48k/96kHz SPDIF output

All analog jack ports are stereo input and output re-tasking

Analog differential CD input

Supports analog PCBEEP input

Integrates digital BEEP generator

Up to four channels of microphone array input are supported for AEC/BF application

Supports legacy analog input to analog output mixer

Three built-in headphone amplifiers for port-D(rear panel),port-E and port-F(front panel)

Software selectable 2.5V and 3.2V reference output for microphone bias

Software selectable boost gain (+10/+20/+30dB)for analog microphone input

Two jack detection pins:each supports detection of up to 4 jacks

Jack detection function is supported when device is in power down mode(D3)

Supports two GPIO pins (General Purpose Input Output)

Supports EAPD(External Amplifier Power Down)control for external amplifier

Supports 1.5V~3.3V scalable 1/O for HD Audio link

Supports anti-pop mode when analog power AVDD is on and digital power is off

48-pin LQFP 'Green'package

The ALC662-VC series is fully pin compatible with the ALC662,and both are pin-to-pin compatible

with the ALC88x series and ALC262 series audio codecs

2.2 Software Features 

Meets Microsoft WLP 3.10 and future WLP audio requirements

WaveRT based audio function driver and logo ready for Windows Vista

EAXTM 1.0 2.0 compatible

Direct Sound 3DTM compatible

13DL2 compatible (Windows XP only)

3D Positional Audio

Emulation of 26 sound environments to enhance gaming experience

Multi-band software equalizer and software tools are provided

Voice Cancellation and Key Shifting effects

Dynamic range control (expander,compressor,and limiter)with adjustable parameters

Intuitive Configuration Panel (Realtek Audio Manager)for enhanced audio experience

Provides 10-foot GUI for Windows Media Center

Microphone Acoustic Echo Cancellation(AEC),Noise Suppression(NS),and Beam Forming(BF)

technology for voice application

Smart multiple streaming operation

Dolby Digital Live (optional software feature)

DTS*CONNECTTM (optional software feature)

SRS"TruSurround HD (optional software feature)



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