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Power Factor Correction - PFC LED LIGHTING

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Power Factor Correction - PFC LED LIGHTING

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XDPL8210XUMA1 информация о продукте


· Single stage flyback controller with Power Factor Correction (PFc)

· Primary side regulated Constant Current(CC) output with high precision

· Supports universal AC input(90 Vms to 305 Vrms) and DC input(127 Vto 432V)

· Supports wide LED load voltage range(up to 4 times of the minimum LED load voltage)

· Excellent line and load regulation(typical within +/-2%)

· High power quality(Typical Power Factor(PF) up to 0.99 and Total Harmonic Distortion(THD)<10%)

· High efficiency with Quasi-Resonant Mode, switching in first valley (QRM1) at high output power and frequency controlled Discontinuous Conduction Mode (DCM) at medium output power

· Dim-to-off operation(with typical standby power as low as 60 mW)

· Dedicated PWM input pin for dimming control by either a micro-controller or a transformer-less IEC60929 compliant isolated 0-10 V dimming circuit(based on CDM10VD)

· Dimming down to 1%

· Limited Power(LP) mode

· Input overvoltage and undervoltage(Brown-in/Brown-out) protection with configurable threshold for output on/off

· Brown-out maximum power reduction, to better protect primary components from overheating and saturation

· Adaptive output overvoltage protection to meet UL1310 standard(Class 2) for the 54 V LED driver design.

· Output and VCC undervoltage protection

· Configurable dimming parameters,e.g. dimming curve(linear/quadratic), minimum current, dim-to-off option(enabled/disabled)

Product validation 

Qualified for industrial applications according to the relevant tests of JEDEC47/20/22.

Potential applications

· Electronic control gear for LED luminaires


The XDPL8210 is a high performance configurable single-stage flyback controller with high power factor, primary side regulated constant current output and LP mode.

The primary side control saves external components especially an opto coupler, thus reducing cost and effort and increasing reliability. With its integrated functionality, XDPL8210 enables an increase set of features without external parts.

The digital core of the XDPL8210 and its advanced control algorithms provide multiple operation modes such as QRM1, DCM or Active Burst Mode(ABM). In addition, XDPL8210 includes an enhanced PFC function which can partially compensate the effect of the input capacitance on power factor and harmonic distortion. With this functionality and smooth transition between the operation modes, the controller delivers high efficiency, high power factor and low harmonic distortion over wide load range. The active burst mode control scheme significantly extends the dimming range and is synchronized with the line frequency avoiding effects like flicker while reducing audible noise.

Operation parameters such as the output current, dimming curve and the protection features are digitally configurable. Infineon offers a user friendly Graphic User Interface for Personal Computers, allowing rapidengineering changes without the need for complex component design iterations. Functionality can be defined at the end of the production line. Multiple different Light Emitting Diode(LED) drivers can be built with the same hardware using different XDPL8210 parameter sets.

For instance, the dimming curve shape is configurable to linear or quadratic(eye-adaptive) and can optionally be inverted. Additionally, dim-to-off can be enabled or disabled.


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