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When the STM32F030C8 external io port interrupt level is kept at 1.2V, the interrupt is always triggered and cannot come out.

марта 17, 2021 by Matthew 3029

External IO port interrupt, the initial setting is the rising edge trigger interrupt, but when the io port level is kept at 1.2V, the interrupt will not be triggered all the time. Have you encountered this problem?

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James Опубликовано March 17, 2021

There is no clear interrupt flag.

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Emma Опубликовано March 17, 2021

Turn off the interrupt after triggering, and turn on the interrupt after the processing is completed. .

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Joseph Опубликовано March 17, 2021

1. You'd better refer to the history to check whether the program setting is correct and whether it is set to level trigger

2. Unless afterwards, the signs should be cleaned up in time,

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Aden Опубликовано February 1, 2024

I want to know the same thing


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