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51 single-chip production running water lamp does not light up.

Hardware design
March 5, 2021 by Lina 166

Novice to MCU. I use stc89c52 single-chip microcomputer to make running water lamps, which can be used on the Huijing HL-1 development board. But none of the lights on the circuit I soldered was on. I use 8 LED lights to connect the positive pole to vcc, and the negative pole to p1.0 to p1.7. The crystal oscillator circuit is soldered. I beg the boss to tell me the reason. I have been worried for several days. Attach the running water light program.



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Rolando опубликовано March 5, 2021

Looked, the code is ok, it should be a hardware failure.

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Dale опубликовано March 5, 2021

1. Whether the positive and negative poles of the LED are connected reversely, and whether the LED is damaged;

Second, is there a current-limiting resistor connected to the LED, if not, it is easy to burn the MCU pins;

3. Is the reset circuit soldered?

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Lennox опубликовано March 5, 2021

The program is correct, an obvious hardware error.

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Winston опубликовано March 5, 2021

A typical hardware error is that the host reverses the polarity of the diode, and the other is that no resistor is added.


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