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The op amp is used as a constant current source to drive the stepper motor to generate oscillations. How to modify the circuit diagram?

Hardware design
March 5, 2021 by Reggie 1038

A constant current source is used to drive a stepping motor. When the DRV_SIN input voltage is 0V, it is normal without load. However, if the motor is added, some will oscillate, and some will not oscillate. I always feel this The circuit is weird, is there any guidance from a great god?

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Dorothy опубликовано March 5, 2021

Find a special driver IC for stepper motors.

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Adele опубликовано March 5, 2021

Because of the application scenario, a linear drive scheme is required

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Mina опубликовано March 5, 2021

How about moving R79 and C99 to both ends of the motor? C99 can be enlarged


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