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Renesas Electronics Expands Lineup of Motor Control Embedded Processing Products with Over 35 New MCU Products

Опубликовано :01.06.2023 06:43:31

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Two product families and three series of new MCU products bring a wider range of motor control solutions to the industry.


Beijing, China, May 30, 2023 - Renesas Electronics (TSE: 6723), a global supplier of semiconductor solutions, today announced the release of three new MCU product groups for motor control applications, of which more than 35 are from the RX and RA families of new products. These new MCUs expand Renesas' outstanding motor control portfolio that includes a wide range of MCUs and MPUs, analog and power solutions, sensors, communication devices, signal conditioners and more.


Renesas has launched two new MCU product groups based on the Arm® Cortex®-M RA family. Among them, the RA4T1 product group can provide 100 MHz performance, as well as up to 256KB of flash memory and 40KB of SRAM; the new RA6T3 product group has a working frequency of 200MHz and provides 256KB of flash memory and 40KB of SRAM. Both new product groups target motor control applications with an outstanding set of features and functions, including a trigonometric function unit (TFU) for acceleration, an advanced ADC with integrated PGA, and multiple A choice of communication interfaces. These new products are all supported by the Renesas Flexible Software Package (FSP), allowing easy migration of designs from other RA products.


In addition, Renesas also launched the new RX26T product group of the RX product family, which operates at 120MHz and has up to 512KB of flash memory and 64KB of SRAM. They not only support 5V power supply, provide high noise immunity and control precision, but also provide TFU, on-chip timing and interrupt control functions. Users who use the popular product RX24T MCU can easily extend their designs to the new RX26T products to fully utilize the advantages of existing design software while achieving double improvements in performance and control efficiency.

Renesas' Preeminent Position in Embedded Motor Control Processing

Renesas launched MCUs designed for motor control more than ten years ago, and has delivered more than 1.1 billion embedded motor control processors to thousands of users around the world. In addition to the RX and RA product families, Renesas offers 16-bit RL78 MCUs and 64-bit RZ MPUs optimized for motor applications. In 2022, Renesas will launch the industry's first RISC-V-based ASSP for motor control.

Roger Wendelken, Senior Vice President and General Manager of the MCU Division at Renesas Electronics, said: "For many years, the world's leading suppliers of home appliances, industrial equipment, and building and office automation have chosen Renesas technology for related motor control processing. We not only It has created the industry's broadest product lineup and comprehensive technology portfolio, and at the same time delivered various complete solutions with excellent R&D capabilities, covering a series of key functions required by users.In addition, for motor control, Renesas Electronics' The product quality is also well-known.”


Shanxi Xiaoxin, a senior researcher at Fuji Economics, said: "With the continuous advancement of industrialization and mechanical automation technology in emerging countries, the industrial motor market is expected to grow strongly. It is worth mentioning that there are also areas such as robots, electronic component manufacturing equipment, and power tools. The huge market potential will contribute to the widespread adoption of MCU products. We expect Renesas to contribute to the accelerated development of the industry with its diverse range of motor control MCUs that can meet the needs of different users."

All of the new MCUs support the Renesas Flexible Motor Control Development Kit, which enables easy evaluation of motor control using permanent magnet synchronous motors (brushless DC motors), and also supports the Renesas Motor Workbench development tool. By improving the efficiency of motor control, Renesas MCUs can save energy in end systems.


Key Features of RA4T1 Product Group MCUs

100 MHz Arm® Cortex®-M33 CPU core with TrustZone® technology support

128KB to 256KB Flash, and 40KB SRAM

Available in 32 to 64-pin packages

Integrated trigonometric function unit as a hardware accelerator

Integrates advanced analog functions, including 12-bit ADC, programmable gain amplifier, high-speed comparator, and 12-bit DAC

Key Features of RA6T3 Product Group MCUs

200 MHz Arm® Cortex®-M33 CPU core with TrustZone® technology support

256KB Flash and 40KB SRAM

Available in 32 to 64-pin packages

Integrates advanced analog functions, including 12-bit ADC, programmable gain amplifier, high-speed comparator, and 12-bit DAC

Integrates multiple communication options including USB 2.0 full-speed device, CAN FD, I3C, SCI, and SPI

Key Features of RX26T Product Group MCUs

Industry-leading real-time performance: 120 MHz main frequency, zero-wait flash memory access

Support 5V power supply: high noise immunity and high analog input dynamic range

Support dual motors via FOC and PFC control on a single chip: 120 MHz PWM (2 three-phase complementary channels + 2 single-phase complementary channels), three 12-bit ADCs

Board miniaturization/BOM reduction: built-in high-speed on-chip oscillator, small QFN package (48-HWQFN: 7mm x 7mm, 64-HWQFN: 9mm x 9mm)

High security: dual-zone flash memory can rewrite data without shutting down the system; trusted security IP-Lite reduces the risk of information leakage

High-speed communication: basic support for new generation CAN FD and I3C

Equipped with 120MHz latest CPU core RXv3 (721CoreMark)

Successful Product Mix

Renesas Designs Several "Winning Portfolios" for New MCUs: High Power, Compact BLDC Motor Control Design Using RA4T1 MCU and RAA227063 Smart Gate Driver IC to Control 3-Phase Sensorless BLDC Motors; with Totem Pole Interleaved PFC The digital power conversion includes RX26T MCU with RAA223011 700V AC/DC regulator and other Renesas components; the e-bike system solution combines RA6T3 MCU with power supply and BMS devices to provide a complete solution for any type of e-bike. Renesas' "Winning Portfolio" is based on devices that are compatible and work together seamlessly, while employing a proven system architecture, resulting in optimized low-risk designs and faster time-to-market. Based on the various products in its product lineup, Renesas has launched more than 400 "successful product combinations", which are designed to help users promote the design process and accelerate the time-to-market process.

Advantages of Renesas MCU

As the world's leading supplier of MCU products, the average annual shipment of Renesas Electronics' MCU has exceeded 3.5 billion in recent years, about 50% of which are used in the automotive field, and the rest are used in industry, Internet of Things, data centers and communication infrastructure facilities etc. With a broad portfolio of 8-bit, 16-bit and 32-bit products, Renesas Electronics is the industry's leading supplier of 16-bit and 32-bit MCUs, offering products with outstanding quality and efficiency, and outstanding performance. At the same time, as a reliable supplier, Renesas Electronics has decades of experience in MCU design, supported by a dual-source production model, industry-leading MCU process technology, and a large system composed of more than 200 ecosystem partners. backing.