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The supply of power semiconductors such as MOSFETs is even tighter.

Опубликовано :14.06.2022 10:28:11

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On June 14, it was reported that there has been a major shortage of workers in Malaysia recently. The local semiconductor industry has a manpower gap of up to 15,000 people. Some manufacturers have been forced to stop taking new orders, and the supply of power components such as MOSET is even tighter.

According to the report, Malaysia suspended the ban on recruiting foreign workers due to the new crown pneumonia epidemic. Although it was lifted in February, the government’s approval progress has been slow, and negotiations with Indonesia and Bangladesh on labor protection have been delayed again and again. The repatriation has led to a large shortage of workers in Malaysia.

The industry pointed out that Malaysia is a major global semiconductor production center. Many IDM factories such as Infineon, ON Semiconductor, STMicroelectronics, and NXP have set up factories there, focusing on MOSFET and other power semiconductors, rectifiers and other products. At this stage, the supply of MOSET continues to be tight, and the local IDM factory in Malaysia is unable to accept new orders due to lack of workers, which may make the MOSFET delivery time stretched again, and related orders may flow to Taiwan factories. Single tide.

According to industry analysis, MOSFETs are mainly produced on 8-inch and 6-inch wafers, and the current production capacity is still tight. In addition, international IDMs are gradually shifting the production capacity of consumer MOSFETs to the high-end market, which makes the consumer MOSFETs that Taiwanese manufacturers focus on even more in short supply. It is expected that this MOSFET The out-of-stock cycle will be longer than the last major out-of-stock (2018).

Although the demand of the consumer notebook computer market is slowing down at this stage, the commercial and gaming notebook market is strong, and the supply of MOSFETs continues to exceed demand. The MOSFET factory's operation has the opportunity to continue to rise this quarter, and the orders in the second half of the year are expected to grow again. The annual operating payment hit a record high expected.